Proposed policy resolutions approved by delegates at the county annual meeting

View the resolutions below that were approved at the county annual and submitted to the state policy development committee to be considered at the Michigan Farm Bureau annual meeting. 

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Local ResolutionPeople on the northern portion of Otsego County have no access but M-32 to get across town. Traffic is a bottle neck, backed up to North Townline Rd. Policy: To construct an overpass on I-75 on Allis Rd or Five Lakes Rd to help allow local people an alternative route to the M-32 access to the city of Gaylord.
Local ResolutionEncourage Great Lakes Energy to expand fiber optic service into Otsego County.
Local ResolutionOtsego County Farm Bureau requests the Otsego County Road Commission to create proper shoulder grades on the road right of way from M-32 to Antrim County maintenance line C-42.
006-BiotechnologyThe committee recommends the following language be added to MFB policy #6, Biotechnology: "We urge MFB to advocate for an expedited process for approving non-edible genetically engineered plant material through USDA APHIS."
077-Invasive SpeciesBeing that Autumn Olive is an invasive species and that it was introduced into our environment by Natural Reservoirs and Conservation Districts, we support classifying Autumn Olive as an invasive species on private land, public right of ways, and state land.
044-State Energy PolicyModification to existing policy: Insert additional language before Lines #6-7: Population is expected to double by 2050. We need to save productive farm land for farm use and use marginal land for energy "farms" to reduce usage of prime farm land for renewable energy. Amendment of current language lines 69-73: We encourage utilization of brownfield, public property, Michigan Department of Transportation right-of-ways and other marginal lands for renewable energy projects and to protect prime farmland.
089-Wildlife ManagementInsert at Line 47: We strongly encourage the use of a Private Agriculture Land Owner Elk Lottery Program in Michigan. We encourage the DNR and the State of Michigan to continue to strive for a way to compensate private agriculture land owners in all areas where elk are found for their innumerable losses due to the animal's heavy use and impact on their lands.
Local ResolutionIn 2004 Otsego County Farm Bureau encouraged MDOT to consider an alternative route for crossing I-75 in the Gaylord area. Subsequently, a bypass was installed on Milbocker Road which now allows traffic to pass under I-75. However, gridlock still exists on M-32 West, particularly in the summer months. Otsego County Farm Bureau requests that MDOT consider an on-off ramp at the new Milbocker road bypass to further relieve traffic on M-32 in Gaylord.
103-Membership and Farm Bureau ProgramsFarm Bureau should create a Junior Program focused on leadership and agricultural interest.
089-Wildlife ManagementStrike: If needed, consideration should be given to an agency culling/harvest. (Policy #89, Line 72) Replace with: We support immediate agency culling to reduce overpopulation and all diseases.
103-Membership and Farm Bureau ProgramsFor several years, the Washington Legislative Seminar, as part of a CORE program event through Michigan Farm Bureau, has been subject to a participation limitation rule of our members. The CORE program booklet states: “In order to broaden agriculture’s influence, county Farm Bureaus shall select participants who have not attended this activity more than two times in the last seven years.” It is Otsego County Farm Bureau’s understanding that the initial limitation was developed by county Farm Bureaus who feared that by sending the same participants repeatedly, the county Farm Bureaus were doing themselves an injustice. The limitation was therefore implemented to increase member involvement and promote participant diversity. However, it is Otsego County Farm Bureau’s belief that this rule has further hindered the CORE program participation by discriminating against those members who the Otsego County Farm Bureau feels are the best representatives of the county by not allowing them to attend as the County Farm Bureau feels necessary. Furthermore, the County Farm Bureau would state that the grassroots identity of the County Farm Bureaus is threatened by this rule, as it negates the County’s right to send any member volunteer interested. It should not be decided by Michigan Farm Bureau which member volunteers County Farm Bureaus elect to send to CORE programs events, including the Washington Legislative Seminar. County Farm Bureaus should send their best representative; a member volunteer who will act in the county’s best interest, portray themselves in a professional and dignified manner, gather information to bring back to the County Farm Bureau, and eloquently present that information to the county membership body. Therefore, Otsego County Farm Bureau moves to remove the participation limitation rule from the CORE program event Washington Legislative Seminar.